Selfie Secret Perfect Photo


Another app for taking 'selfies'


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Selfie Secret Perfect Photo is a photo app for taking 'selfies' and editing the results with different image filters. Unfortunately, the app only includes three different filters and the results are generally pretty bad.

The overall feeling you get from the app is not very good. For example, when you open the app, your device's front camera automatically activates, but you can't change it to the back camera. Plus, the button for taking pictures is really small.

Once you take a picture, you only have three different filters, and none of them offer especially good results. In fact, some are just plain ugly.

Selfie Secret Perfect Photo is a 'selfie' photo app with a lot of room for improvement. Admittedly, the app does the job and lets you take pictures of yourself ... but there are plenty of other apps out there that give you better results.
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